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اتصل بنا

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The Green River Formation is Not oil; it is Kerogen. Shell, and Chevron (among others) have been trying for decades to figure out how to turn that into usable energy, with a success rate of ezzackly Zero.Oh, and it's not "shale;" it's marlstone – much harder than shale, and "unfrackable."

this isn’t about soldiers overseas. that is a completely different issue. What, may i ask, is the basic essence of human life since you seem to know it so well and failed to share? I appreciate arguments on both sides, but i must say that not even supporting your own opinion is “BS”

I thought that when you call for the violent( it is the army after all) overthrow of your government you were committing treason. I guess in America you can call for violence against anyone and they call it free speech. No such thing as incitement or hate crimes. We will have to wait for the actual coupe attempt before we can call it anything I suppose.

You should have taken a picture of me! was there last weekend XDwere you in ION at orchard road, looks fimiliar.i think some girls dresses quite cute, but the guys.. =/

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